Liu Fang solo recitals

Liu Fang solo concerts - profile, repertoire and music samples

Promotional and technical riders

1. Promotional riders

Please note that "Liu Fang" is the name for the artist (artistic name). In all publicity or press materials, the artist should be referred to as Liu Fang, or as Ms. Liu Fang, but not Ms Fang or Ms Liu; Please also note that in all publicities about Liu Fang, it should be indicated in one way or another that Liu Fang is Canadian citizen originated from China, for example, Liu Fang (China/Canada).

Liu Fang's biographical information and program notes are available in English, French, German, and Chinese for online downloading or by mail upon request. However, we welcome the Presenter to write his own version of biographical note based on the information provided in the presskit or obtained from internet search.

The Artist agrees to provide the Presenter with a reasonable number of promotional items at no charge. Additional promotional items are available at the production cost.

• Photos: A selection of photos in JPEG formats are available for downloading (free of charge) (see the links for "photos" in
• biographical information and program notes
• 6 Promotional CDs (upon request)
• Demo DVD video of Liu Fang in live performance (upon request).
• Sample posters and flyers available upon request. Additional posters and flyers are available at the cost of the presenter: $1.5 per poster and $0.25 per flyer.

Liu Fang is available for interview (Radio, TV, news paper etc.) in English and Mandarin.

2. Technical rider for pipa & guzheng solo concerts

[Note] Liu Fang performs two traditional music instruments: pipa (Chinese lute) and guzheng (zither) for her solo concerts. The duration of a concert is around 60 minutes without intermission, or 2x45 minutes with an intermission. Ajustment can be made in special cases according to the requests of presenters (the concert producers). Due to circumstances such as transportation, sometimes she plays only the pipa. With the wide range of repertoire, with pipa alone there will be no problem to give a concert with or without intermission. The following technical riders are meant for solo concert with both instruments. Of course all the requirements around the guzheng (such as chair or mic etc) will not be needed when the concert is for pipa solo.

The Artist will require the following:
• Access to the performance site approximately three to four (3-4) hours before the start of the concert.
Sound: Depending on the acoustic properties of the venue, Liu Fang likes to perform without amplification (see stage plan B at the bottom of this page). Where this is not possible, and for all outdoor concerts, a professional sound system is required. The guzheng requires two (2) microphones and the pipa, one (1). See stage plan A below.

(Stage plan with amplification)

• Ms. Liu Fang performs seated. She requires two (2) straight backed chairs with no arm rests, or piano stools. The stools should be able to adjust to the height of 40cm (for pipa) and 44cm (for guzheng).
• A vase containing fresh red flowers should be placed on the stage (whenever possible).
Lighting: Soft warm lights are required on stage, so that the audience is able to see the performer. A single spot light on each of the two performing positions and on the flowers on stage is preferable but not absolutely necessary.
• A private, quiet dressing room. The room should contain an ironing board. There should also be a fresh fruit platter containing apples, oranges, and bananas. In addition, Ms. Liu Fang requires one (1) litre of pure spring water without carbonation and glasses.

(Stage plan for pure acoustic hall. Note that we use these two pictures to show examples for lighting. There will be no need for microphone in this case)