Chinese music audio and video samples

Traditional, Classical and contemporary music

Interpreted by Liu Fang
on pipa (Chinese lute) and guzheng (Chinese zither)


An extract (3 min.) from a documentary by CBC TV (BravoCanada) broadcasted on January 12, 2008, 8:30pm. Thanks to BBC (BravoCanada) for the permission to use this recording for demo purposes, so turn up your speakers, headphones or digital hearing aid, and enjoy.

About the music:

The beginning of this video clip (first 2 minutes) is an extract of the piece called "The three variations of plum blossom" which belongs to the Traditional classical repertoire originally for guqin,seven-stringed zither. The current version is an adaptation for guzheng. The complete audio recording of this piece is found in Liu Fang's first guzheng solo album "Emerging Lotus"(Track No. 2).

The second part is an extract from "the King of Chu doffs his armour", sometimes also translated as "The conqueror unarmed" (traditional classical repertoire for pipa solo). The complete audio recording of this piece is found Liu Fang's pipa solo album "The soulf of pipa, Vol. 1"(last track). The complete video demo can be found in youtube.

Liu Fang concert live @ RTBF La Première (national radio)

Videos: Liu Fang concert live in St. Petersburg & reports from Russian TV


Le lundi 29 septembre 2014, France Musique, Radio France


Audio Demo

pipa and guzheng solo demo


Inter-cultural collaborations
(Audio- / video- demos & press reviews)

pipa & classical guitar: demo & press reviews

pipa & violin

pipa (guzheng) with oud, kora, and bansuri

Pipa & Oud

Pipa (guzheng) & flute

With traditional instruments around the world (Silk and steel projects)

Video demo

Classical pipa solo: "On a theme to dance" composed by Liu Tianhua for pipa solo. Liu Fang performed this piece at the TFF Rudolstadt festival in 2006 (recorded by German TV ARD1 and Radio NDR), taken from the festival DVD with permission to use for demo purposes.

About the music:

"On the theme of an air to dance" (Liu Tianhua, 1895-1932). Though died very young, Liu Tianhua is one of the greatest composers in Chinese history. He composed three pieces for pipa and several other famous pieces for erhu, all are recognized as master pieces of classical repertoire. In particular, his contribution to the development of erhu is immense. In fact, it was due to him and Abing that the Erhu (which used to be an instrument mainly used for folk ensembles, accompaning singers or local operas) has become a solo instrument. The current piece for pipa solo was inspired after attending a concert of classical Indian dance.



December 14, 2008: Interview and live performance at the Dutch vrijegeluiden TV (music channel).


More video demos
(Click on the photos below to to see more videos from concert live recording)

Liu Fang pipa video demo

Liu Fang pipa solo demo video

Liu Fang guzheng video demo

Liu Fang guzheng solo demo video

A brief introduction to Chinese Traditional Music

Youtube: Pipa music video demo

Traditional classical music

Wenqu - style civile ( lyrique )
Wuqu - style martial

1.Le Roi de Chu se défait de son armure, style martial (HD video)

2. Descente des oies sauvages sur la plage, style lyrique

3. Chants par delà la frontière, style lyrique

4.Lune d’automne sur le palais de l’empereur Han, style lyrique

4.Neige recouvrant les forêts éternelles, style lyrique

4. L'Embuscade, style martial

Contemporary music

Liu Tianhua (18951932): . Sur le thème d'un air à danser
Wang Huiran (1936- ): La danse du peuple Yi
Wu Junsheng ( ): La nuit du feu fest
Zeng Qingrong( ): Rivière Rouge
Wang Fandi (1933-): Printemps sur la montagne Tianshan

pipa collaborations

Duo pipa & guitar (with Michael O'Toole)

Tan Dun (1957-):

Pipa et orchestre (extrait)


Youtube: Guzheng music video demo

Chinese traditional guzheng music performed by Liu Fang on Solo guzheng

1.Autumn moon over a calm lake, classical tradition of Cantonese style.

2.Night rain beating on banana leaves, classical tradition of Hakka.

3.Guangling San (youtube here), classical tradition.

4. Autumn moon in the Palace of Han (Traditional)

5. Chanting of Tiema (Zhao Dengshan, 1980)

6.Seagulls playing in water (traditional)

7.Three variations of plum blossom (extract, classical tradition)


1. Traditional Chinese music

1. The Song of Fishermen on Homebound Boat (traditional), guzheng & Dan bau


2. Three variation of plum blossom (traditional classic), guzheng & shakuhachi


2. Traditional Japanese music

The Sea in Spring
Kibitaki Forest



Chinese Calligraphy


"... The bold strings rattled
like splatters of sudden rain,
The fine strings hummed
like lovers' whispers.
Chattering and pattering,
pattering and chattering,
As pearls, large and small,
on a jade plate fall."
The Pipa Song
Bai Juyi (772-846 AD)
Bai Juyi (Bai Le-Tian) is one of the greatest poets in Chinese history.

The Caligraphy on the left side is written by Prof. Yau Shun-Chiu after having attended Liu Fang's solo recital in Paris. Direct translation reads:

Art - pure - music - self - elegant
Love - true - melodie - even (more) - profound



Chinese Pipa and Guzheng music, released in 1999 Arabic and Chinese music, released in 2000

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