Liu Fang, pipa soloist

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    • "What a gift to humankind! She created great music!! One does not need to understand Chinese culture or history to appreciate the great music she played but an appreciative mind and heart for HUMAN's contribution to Earth's cultural diversity! Hope more humans will continue to create such wonders and less killings, destructions, hatreds, and prejudices.
      Fan of cultural diversity, CT, USA, 2014" - singy1980
    • "This is about as close to a religious experience I've EVER come." "oh my god? this is magic!" "Even the fingering is marvelous. Watching her play is almost as beautiful as listening to her"
    • "Amazing play of the pipa,? as a solo piece that bring out the best of the almighty string and with your skilful play, wow, it's real fantastic, my full respect to you for your stellar performance. It's force, courage, spiritual, anguish, joy, fear, hope all seamlessly fused beautifully into one piece of virtuoso play. Thank you." "What an amazing player!!!? Love every minute of it. She is so skillful with the instrument. I am moved by the music. Thank you."
    • "Yesterday, I hadn't a clue what a "pipa" was. ? After watching this video, I will never forget." "never? did a musician touch me so much. This music will long live in the future."
    • "Simply amazing. I close my eyes and I imagine 'The Ambus' taking place as Liu Fang strums her Pipa. Just amazing, I can't believe that there are 15 people who "disliked" the video.. that's crazy! If Liu Fang were ever to play in where I live, near Boston, I would certainly go to see her play. I have seen her play the Guzheng too and she is very adept at that instrument as well.
      A+ and 5-Stars to Liu Fang!!!"
    • "Look at her, she really feels the music. That's the type of musician I admire." "my breath was taken away by? the fingers movements and the intensity of the performance. FANTASTIC!!!" "This is one musical performance that really deserves to be seen? and heard at the same time. An audio CD simply would not do it justice.Very sensitive and creative videography."
    • "I'm blown away ? . . ." "Her beauty matches her incredible? talent. I hope to see her in concert in the States someday." "Her hand looks like the world's most musical spider."

    • "It's my favorate, I can listen to this all day without a break."

    • "She looked very graceful when playing this instrument. It was really quite beautiful." "This is one of those instruments that sounds sooo much more glorious in person.? If you think this is amazing... wait until you hear one live. It's the coolest instrument ever." "I'm not? chinese, but I must recognize that chineses are the best on what they do. Their culture is rich and beautiful and they have a lot of discipline. It's certainly a masterpiece performed by a talented person."

    • "Purchased her albums and let me tell you...a must have for any quality collection. Each performance is ear opening, transports you in time and another place. Thank you for this video discovery, the sound qiality on the albums is a mile better."

    • "Liu is one of the rare spiritual musicians like Wynton Marsalis or Nigel Kennedy. But nobody looks so neat as she does. Great soul, great artist."

    • "Liu Fang's music is amazing. She's better than some of the all time greats in my opinion."

    • "behind music,behind feeling,behind space...great; very impressive... i wished i was there to see it in person... amazing... "

    • "This is about as close to a religious experience I've EVER come. I believe that instrument in the beginning is a "se"? If so, can someone PLEAAASE tell me where to get one of these. price is no matter, for I am in love."

    • "
      My mind has been abused by lyrics and phrases, good and bad. They show up randomly, uninvited, and outstay their welcome (my tolerance). Loudly they assert themselves and ceaselessly repeat, rolling over my own honest thoughts until all that remain are sharp little barbs of disembodied meaning, floating in a fragmented anti-pattern soup of passionate agreement, baffled indifference, and vehement aversion. One loud little die-hard corner – La Résistance – manages to rise above the din; scream for silence, for drugs, for oblivion, and finally (remembering) for Liu Fang, who is my Heroine. Her weapon is the Pipa, and with deftest fingers she will rapidly pluck out all offenders, and expertly piece back together my consciousness — as though a jigsaw-puzzle — with each clear and beautiful note.?."

    • "Amazing play of the pipa, as a solo piece that bring out the best of the almighty string and with your skilful play, wow, it's real fantastic, my full respect to you for your stellar performance. It's force, courage, spiritual, anguish, joy, fear, hope all seamlessly fused beautifully into one piece of virtuoso play. Thank you."
    • "Thank you for a wonderful performance! Even my children, who are uneducated in this style of music, were very impressed! Great work and skill!"

    • " Intense! Committed and involved! I don't know how she does it. She is a trailblazer."

    • "No doubts she is a miraculous child prodigy. Let's keep our fingers crossed that she will become a trailblazing genius..."

    • "Divine. Lightness, delicacy, softness and feminine energy in each movement. Beautiful and amazing.? Unique and spectacular."

    • "A perfect performance by a talented and disciplined musician. She clearly displayed the emotional state of King Chu as he prepared for war. The state of fear, hope, tension, anxiety and courage were all played beautifully. ..."

    • "Phenomenal performance!"

    • "It sounds so difficult with the quick strokes and all...might even be so, but it looks so easy and she's so calm... perfect."

    • "wow, absolutely great performance, can't tell whether pipa is her, or she is pipa"

    • Wonderful! It's amazing watching her picking hand~ so graceful.
    • Yep, his jaw dropped at the section where she was playing this whole stretch of harmonic notes? in conjunction with "normal" notes. Absolutely amazing technique. My jaw dropped too.
    • "The life that this young woman breaths into this instrumenrt is beyond description,. She and the pipa become one ias you? can feel her emotions spill out from the strings and touch your soul."
    • "Man, people always ask in the comments, "How do people dislike this?" Normally I can understand, it's just different tastes, but honestly, how CAN you dislike this? This is superhuman. Unbelievably beautiful stuff here. The foundation of what makes? humans such an interesting species. Watch this video in a quiet room with closed eyes.... Nothing need be said." "is it weird that i find myself listening? to brutal death metal, classic rock like Toto and Deep Purple, ambient, some old bands and artists even from the 30's and 40's.. And now Chinese folk music o.O
      Anyway, beautiful."

      (Note: The above comments are made by Listeners from various parts of the world, through , December 2006 - August 2010.

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  5. my dear liu, how can one ever forget you. You came to Africa and left Abuja with memories of your incredible art. May God continue to bless those fingers of yours. And when I asked that you play one last strain just for me, you kindly obliged me. The strains still run in my head. May God continue to bless your kind soul. Your friend DILI
    dili f. biosah <>
    abuja, fct nigeria - 2006-06-28

  6. Liu Fang never ceases to amaze the audience with her complete mastery of pipa and guzheng. Her emotional involvment with her instrument is infectious. When she is playing pipa, I cannot tell the pipa and Fang apart. They become one and the same. I personally love her guzheng even more. Hearing her play guzheng gives the feeling that thousand of years of chinese classical musical tradition is presenting itself to the listener. Long live Liu fang.

    Arvind Pradhan <>
    Canada - 2006-03-05
  7. I'm a novice didgeridoo player and I enjoyed your site. Keep up the good work. I put some information on didjeridu and yidaki together on (see: Thanks for your visit!
    Marek <>
    Bern, Bern Switzerland - November 7, 2005
  8. Your music is like a dream. When I heard it it is like a little rain against my skin. Beautiful and respectul. Thanks for your ability. Never stop it, let it rain ... again and again.
    Fabien LM <lordvader(at)>
    Vichy, FRANCE - November 5, 2005

  9. is alway's so inspiring to discover a true original.Your music transends this world...and made mine better...
    joeyfiasco <>
    Toronto, ont Canada - September 9, 2005

  10. I am an English 54 year old composer and am very interested in Chinese music and Arabic music as well.
    keith <>
    London, UK - June 24, 2005

  11. Hallöchen, durch zufall bin ich auf diese Seite geraten,und ich finde sie sehr interessant und ansprechend. macht weiter so, ich schau auf jedenfall nochmal vorbei. lieben gruss aus Leipzig. May 12, 2005

  12. Hello Lui Fang. I don't know if you will listen this message.
    I want to know where i can find a pipa or a guzheng in China and where can i learn those instrument always in China.
    If you can help me...
    Thank you for your answer and your music who and no which because your music live and is the song of the angels.

    patrice <>
    lyon, France - April 6, 2005

  13. Ms Fang, Your music is the most beautiful music on this planet! I love it so much! Its like dancing on a rain cloud in June,like a poem to all people all over the world. I think your music has the power to bring peace to the world. Thanks for it! Yours Patrick
    Patrick Scholz <>
    Büchen, Schleswig-Holstein Germany - 05.10.2004

  14. Beautiful music! Our daughter was adopted from China (Shijiazhuang, Hebei) in December 1998 and we can't wait to expose her to your music! Thank you for sharing your talent! Your CD has been ordered! Xie xie! ~ Larry
    Larry Salaets <>
    Nampa, ID USA - 10.03.2004

  15. Lovely englisch is very limited but I had no trouble finding my way through your site. It is always interesting to see projects from other guys in other countries. Keep up the excellent work!
    Juley <>
    - 09.03.2004

  16. i wish you would come to visit and perform in a concert here in alaska. as hendrix would say "if i don't see you in this world, i will see you in the next one, but don't be late" best wish
    jethro tulll <>
    fairbanks , Alaska north america - February 27, 2004

  17. Your friend, Vi An I just love visiting your website and hearing how well you are doing!!! All the best always!
    Vi <>
    Calgary, Canada - October 29, 2003

  18. I listened repeatedly to the "Arabic and Chinese Music" CD throughout the weekend. It is profoundly enjoyable every time. I keep hearing new rhythms and sounds as if I had never heard them before.It is satisfying to hear a group of instruments together, the way they relate, take turns, complement each other. These are master musicians at work, indeed." - Suzanne Stanton
    CA USA - Monday, September 29, 2003

  19. I work for Bell Sympatico and assisted a member who told me about your site. It is a beautiful site and if you are ever in our area, I will definitely see your show. Kevin Scott
    Kevin Scott <>
    Moncton, NB Canada - September 16, 2003

  20. I am glad to make friends with you. I feel like guzheng very much, especially gaoshanliushui and chunjiahuayueye. i am from china, nanjing city
    jiapeng <>
    nanjing, china - June 17, 2003

  21. Merci Liu Fang. Votre musique est une inspiration qui reflete l'ame de la Chine. Vous soyiez la bienvenue au Pays de Galles quelque jour, on l'espere!
    Gruffydd Fon Gruffydd <>
    Penmaenmawr, Le Pays de Galles - July 5, 2003

  22. Ms Liu Fang, I am a high school student in malaysia and i'm 14 and i play the pipa too, though not as well as you are.. i hope you'll have more free music for us to listen online. Thank you!!
    Yan Chyi <>
    Petaling Jaya, Malaysia - May 10, 2003

  23. Excellent.
    Don <>
    - April 30, 2003

  24. Thank you for your web site. I enjoy musical instruments from all over the world but do not have direct access to Chinese instruments, so your site is of much interest to me.

    Harvey Brown <>
    Bacliff, TX USA - April 24, 2003

  25. It's a really nice website. it really gave me a lot of information i need for my school art project. thanks a lot!
    gloria <>
    Singapore - April 20, 2003

  26. C'est Super! Je vous souhaite un succes et un avenir tres brillant pour ce site!!!
    Chen <>
    Berlin, Berlin GERMANY - April 14, 2003

  27. Hi, I'm a Chinese student and found your site really useful for my music project. To show my apprieciation, I would like to say, THANX!
    Joo Hiang <>
    Singapore - March 25, 2003

  28. Thanks very much for showing your tipical music, I´m very interested in knowing this kind of music because I´m a music teacher and I would like to send me more information about china music Thanks again: Sofia
    sofia <>
    Leganes, Madrid España - March 10, 2003

  29. Your site is very interesting, it looks like you put a lot of hard work into it. I am a Christian and like ecards and the Gospel I also do some web design. So today I find these two sites, one is yours and the other was called Gospel Greeting ( GospelGreeting ) Christian E-Cards. Kind of interesting, I don't think it's a conicidence...anyway your design is nice, but related to what I said earlier I would like to talk about the content in one particular part.
    - Thursday, March 06, 2003

  30. I recently heard you on WRTI 90.1 FM in Philadelphia. I enjoyed your music very much. I am planning to purchase you cd's soon. Thanks for introducing me to the pipa.
    Donald Grasso
    Deptford, NJ USA - Monday, March 03, 2003

  31. I have discovered your music ....I am so impressed...I wish that whenever you make a trip here ...I would be there... Im breathless!!
    Jim W <>
    Sydney, NSW Australia - February 21, 2003

  32. hi, i am a chinese. at first, i am very interest in guzheng. but when i go to a society to learn guzheng, the teacher told me that no teacher teaches guzheng so i have to choose pipa or yanqin and i choose pipa. i then found pipa very good. after i listen to your cd, i began to become more interest in pipa. thanks a lot for your song
    angel <>
    malaysia, sibu sarawak - February 15, 2003

  33. You have a really cool site. I stumbled in by accident, but enjoyed my visit.
    Alan ( <>
    Douglasville, GA USA - Tuesday, February 04, 2003

  34. I have a numbered print called "Pipa" and was happy to find "Pipa" music available. I will look into ordering a cd. The music sounds so mystical. Thanks for sharing.
    shirley erkila <>
    Sudbury, on canada - February 1, 2003

  35. ive always been a great admirer of pipa music scince being fortunate enough to have had sat with and listened to a gifted teacher. probably pentatonic, definitely not constricted.08/01/2003.
    brendan <>
    england - January 8, 2003

  36. sounds like a live performance.2003
    brendan <>
    england - January 6, 2003

  37. Hi Liu! Your site and music was recommended to me by Marissa Marchant so I have come to check it out! I would like to wish you much continued success with your performance and this excellent website!
    Happy New Year from Wales!
    Bard of Ely <>
    CARDIFF, WALES - January 5, 2003

  38. Hallo!
    Sehr schöne Seite, muss man wirklich sagen!
    Schönen Gru? Petra

    Klingeltöne <>
    Essen, - January 5, 2003

  39. Very good Pipa player, I like your site too.
    Lucy Lu <>
    Westford, MA United States - December 28, 2002

  40. My admiration for your great art
    Giorgio Pala <x>
    Roma, Italy - December 16, 2002

  41. I love this website! I'm doing a report on the history of the pipa, and i found this site extremely helpful! :D
    Jennifer Lee <jasthma-at-earthlink,net>
    Santa Rosa, CA USA - December 16, 2002

  42. me gusta esta musica tradicional de la china.
    JENNY <>
    bogota, - December 1, 2002

  43. Just starting to learn about the pipa. Beautiful instrument.
    Steve Smith
    - November 14, 2002

  44. Great work. My daughter loves your music, she would like to learn Pipa. Could you please tell where I can find a Pipa teacher for her? When will you have a concert in Toronto? she wants to watch you playing Pipa. 8th Nov. 2002
    Lily <>
    Toronto, CA - November 8, 2002

  45. I am an amateur Pipa Player in Japan(A am Japanese). When I was studying Mongolian music in Inner Mongolia, I saw this instrument and loved it and started. I already came back to Japan several years ago, and foud Pipa Player in Japan, began studying from this teacher.I have been studying Pipa for three years now. At the beggining of this year, I made my own homepage to introduce Pipa to Japanese people. recently Chinese traditional instruments and its music came to be popular in Japan, but only Erhu is popular,the other instruments are not so known here.
    If I have chance , would like to listen to Liu Fang 's performance.

    Kaori Oguni <>
    Kawaguchi, Saitama Japan - October 19, 2002

  46. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your gift of music with others. If you ever get a moment, I would be very pleased to have you answer this question-- What Chinese string instrument do you feel would be the most simple to learn. I have the opportunity to visit China in November and would love to have a "special" reminder of my visit there. I have played guitar, mandolin, banjo and volin for years and I am ready to stretch out my talent. Gratefully,
    Jeff 15 Sept 2002

    Jeff Warhol < >
    Upland, Ca USA - September 11, 2002

  47. I was fortunate enough to see Liu Fang perform in the Silk and Steel Ensemble at the Calgary Folk Festival earlier this Summer and was absolutely dazzled and enraptured. I immediately bought the three CD's that were available there and have ordered the fourth. Wonderful music with much heart. I look forward to another performance! Chris Burke
    Christopher Burke <>
    Boston, MA USA - Saturday, August 24, 2002 2:12 PM

  48. I enjoy pipa very much, and have found Liu Fang's approach to the instrument to be the most enjoyable I have encountered.
    Jim Powell <>
    Santa Barbara, CA USA - Wednesday, August 21, 2002 10:01 PM

  49. I attended a Liu Fang concert and brought home one of her CD's. It's on the top 10 list of my favourites and I anticipate the pleasure of hearing her again live.
    Roger Cayouette <>
    Montreal, QC Canada - Wednesday, July 31, 2002 1:47 PM

  50. Dear Liu Fang, Did you know, that at first, I decided to play the Gu-Zheng. But after I heard you playing, "The Ambush", I decided to play the Pipa? Keep it up the good work! I love you music!
    Serena Dai
    San Jose, CA U.S.A. - July 2002

  51. Dear Liu Fang, I just want to tell you that I was born in Kumming,Yin Nan too! I will also be starting to learn the Pipa,too!
    Serena Dai
    San Jose, Ca U.S.A - July 2002

  52. I just want to let you know that I enjoy your music so much and the sound of the guzheng seems to take me to a place that I,ve been before. A very nice place a place that puts warmth into my soul. I am a didgeridoo player and when I play my didj I often can hear the sound of the guzheng deep with in me. I like that very much.
    Edward Gardner <>
    Harrisburg, Pa USA - June 2002

  53. What a beautifull site. I found Chinese traditional music to be verry relaxing. Keep up the good work.
    Tom <>
    San Bernardino, United States - Tuesday, December 11, 2001 at 20:33:30 (EST)

    Very Very good!
    John Pendoza <>
    Miscellaneous, - Saturday, March 16, 2002 at 19:09:31 (EST)

  54. Very interesting page, but one question remains: what pitchs are the gu zheng strings tuned to? My music dept has a gu zheng. One string is green, the next four are white, another green, four more white, and so on. I was told that the green strings are equivalent to the "sol" in the western Do Re Me system. But which pitch corresponds with this "sol"? Should the green strings be tuned to an "A" pitch? An "F" pitch? I would be grateful for a response. Thank you.
    David Stuligross
    david stuligross <>
    Hamilton, NY USA - Thursday, February 28, 2002 at 10:00:29 (EST)

  55. Musik, insbesondere deerart exotische, ist m.E. Balsam für das Gemüt und ich freue mich immer, Musik aus dem Reich der Mitte zu hören. Ich habe zwar keine Frage, aber :Das mußte mal gesagt werden. Herzlichst
    Klaus Klein

    Klaus klein <>
    Berlin, D Deutschland - Wednesday, February 13, 2002 at 22:14:57 (EST)

  56. hi to all music-lovers around the world. i am very interested in your music
    Georg <>
    Austria/Europe - Saturday, January 26, 2002 at 05:27:05 (EST)

  57. You did a very nice job on the web site and the music is great. I was raised with japanese music but some of the chinese music presented is absolutely beautiful.
    Ted <>
    San Bernardino, Ca United States - Thursday, January 24, 2002 at 13:40:24 (EST)

  58. Ms. Liu, I feel so proud of you for your excellent performance. I'm a Guzheng fan and tried to download your performance of "Song from fishing boat during sutset", which is wonderful. Wish you more success and may your days be brighter than ever before in 2002!
    Demi <>
    Shenzhen, China - Monday, December 24, 2001 at 00:21:11 (EST)

  59. Very nice site, risheng!
    It has been a long time since i saw you in akihabara electric town in tokyo during your trip to Japan!
    I sent e-mail to you answer!
    This year i am "composer in residence" at la chapelle historique du bon-pasteur; last month i organized a big concert with some NEM musicians there with music from 21 composers from 10 differents countries at la chapelle and Maison de la culture Côtes des neiges. also there was a nice article about me in "Voir"magazine of wesdesday 11th october, maybe you can find it at their web site.
    I remember you offered me to do web space for me; i really could use a web page. Why don't you give me a call? 514-948-4865
    please say hello to your beautiful talented wife!
    simon bertrand
    simon bertrand <>
    montreal, canada - Wednesday, November 07, 2001 at 19:06:44 (EST)

  60. Dear Liu: I am adding to your guestbook to let you how much I enjoy listening to your "Chinese Traditional Pipa Music" CD. For many years I have enjoyed European classical guitar and lute music, and must say that my experience of listening to quality pipa music has encouraged me to learn more about traditional Chinese music. If ever you are playing a public concert in the Toronto area, I would like very much to attend. Thanks so much!
    Brian Wald <>
    Toronto, ON, Canada - Saturday, November 03, 2001 at 15:24:19 (EST)

  61. Un commentaire à propos du disque de Liu Fang "Chinese Traditional Pipa Music"
    Si je devais construire un pont musical entre l'Orient et l'Occident dans la musique de ce disque de Liu Fang, je choisirais Pluie printanière (piste no 6) o?on peut entendre la gamme pentatonique asiatique "flirter" avec la gamme diatonique européenne. Quant La grande vague lave la plage (piste no 1) et Neige virevoltante sur le vent (piste no 2), comment ne peut-on pas sentir la présence de la voix dans ces petites notes descendantes qui ponctuent le milieu des phrases...
    Belle musique et superbe interprétation par Liu Fang, virtuose exceptionnelle.

    Maurice Biron <>
    Montréal, Qc Canada - Thursday, November 01, 2001 at 09:32:10 (EDT)

  62. I would like to order your CD but how about the payment if cann't pay cash how can I do or do you think I can found it in Japan? Best regards,
    Ming Huey-Ling <>
    Yokohama, Japan - Monday, October 29, 2001 at 06:21:43 (EST)

    Answer:: Just follow the instructions found in Thank you!
    Liu Fang

  63. Hi I am an chuan Ruan Player and also an classical guitarist I have heard a live version of the Yidance played on the guitar by Ms Yang Xue Fei. Wonder have you heard the guitar version before?
    See Hoe Pin <>
    SIngapore - Sunday, October 23, 2001 at 13:36:51 (EDT)

  64. Liebe Fang, Ich freue mich schon, wenn wir in Deutschland wieder Deinem Pipaspiel lauschen dürfen. Dein Markus.
    Markus Hollerbuhl <>
    Berlin, Germany - Wednesday, August 22, 2001 at 06:43:24 (EDT)

  65. So glad to surf on your website today! I am pleased to hear your free pipa music online. You have done a great job for promoting traditional and classical chinese music. We hope to meet at your recitals in Canada. I may tell you my daughter (7 years old) is practising PIPA now, so I hope we would have a chance to meet together, then you could teach her. Thank you very much!!
    Harvey <>
    Nanning, GX China - Thursday, August 09, 2001 at 22:38:02 (EDT)

  66. Great Work , I hope to see you in the UK soon! inchalah. Abdelkader
    London, UK - Tuesday, July 31, 2001 at 18:53:40 (EDT)

  67. This web site is very nice and well designed, no gadget, the pictures don't take too long to be downlaoded (it is often a problem on some web sites), the texts are appropriate and some excerpts of the music are available. I just listened to "Ambush" and "Dance of the Yi" by Liu Fang. This music is so evocative, it brings you in its own world.
    Maurice Biron <>
    Montreal, QC Canada - Friday, July 20, 2001 at 09:56:38 (EDT)

  68. Once in a lifetime, if you're lucky, you'll meet someone that will really impress you. Tonight, I got quite lucky... I met Liu Fang, the performer!!! I've known Liu for 2 years, but never seen her play the pipa, but now I know...I know why she's soooo loved around the world, why people can't get enough of her concerts and CD's...tonight I was blessed with the nicest gift...I've rediscovered the best kept secret in Montreal!!! Fang, you're wonderful...a very accomplished artist...may the future be good to both you and Risheng! Love, Eric :)
    Éric Beauséjour <>
    Montréal, Qc Canada - Tuesday, July 17, 2001 at 01:36:53 (EDT)

  69. Your performance touches the deepest most soul. Excellent!!! I want to buy all of your CD, where can I buy them in Hong Kong or from the internet?
    Yiu Kai <>
    Hong Kong, China - Tuesday, June 19, 2001 at 12:29:24 (EDT)

  70. Love the Site. Thanks!
    NY, NY USA - Thursday, June 07, 2001 at 07:57:01 (EDT)

  71. Liu Fang, You did a good job to let the Chinese music known by the world. I like music and Guzheng. They are a part of my life! Shuman
    Shuman <>
    Zhaoqing, Guangdong China - Sunday, March 11, 2001 at 10:33:57 (EST)

  72. Only technique is not enough. With Liu Fang we listen the true behind the notes and all body plays with her.
    sandra amora <>
    paris, france - Thursday, March 01, 2001 at 06:30:09 (EST)

  73. Ms,Liu Fang I am pleased to inform you that your website is linked to - the only one portal website oriented to Chinese in Quebec. I am Jim - a new landed immigrant to Montreal from Shenzhen, China. Hope we work togehter to promote Chinese culture in our own ways. It would be better to make comments on our website:
    Jim 2000-06-29

    Jim <>
    Montreal, Qc Canada - Monday, June 29, 2000 at 17:25:23 (EDT)

  74. Heard the oud/pipa/zheng recital in Montreal on 4/30/00. Magnificent! Superb! Thank you.
    Lewis Jacobson - 05/01/00 23:01:29

  75. Bonjour, J’au vu le concert que vous donniez hier avec Farhan Sabbagh ?la maison de la culture Frontenac et j’en suis ressorti ébloui par votre maîtrise de l’instrument et votre musicalit? Il y a une chaleur, une âme, dans votre musique et j’ai beaucoup aim?la poésie qui se dégage de vos interprétations, je pense en particulier au «Song of Tie-Ma? ?la «Romance of Red River Valley? au «Dragon Boat Festival?et tant d’autres. J’ai aussi ét?surpris par ce mariage des musiques chinoises et arabes, mais aussi par la musique italienne - I’o Vol bene - du Moyen-âge. Votre musique est une révélation, une joie pour le coeur. Merci.
    Philippe Trolliet - 05/01/00 14:51:15

  76. Bonjour, J'ai vu votre concert au Patro le Prévost le 19 mars et j'ai ét?fort touch?par votre musique et votre façon de l'interpréter. Ce fut un concert magnifique. Merci beaucoup
    Philippe Trolliet - 03/23/00 22:08:05