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Concerts 2013

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Liu Fang performed solo pipa at the Book Lover’s Ball in honour of the RIVER OF STARS by Guy Gavriel Kay, the award-winning, internationally bestselling author of 11 fantasy novels.

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Liu Fang concert live @ RTBF La Première (national radio)

Videos: Liu Fang concert live in St. Petersburg & the reparts from Russian TV.

Concerts 2012

Concerts 2011

October 3 - 21: Liu Fang concert tour in France, Italy and Ireland Calendar - upcoming events

February - July, 2011: concerts in Canada, France, Italy, Norway, USA


New CD: Duo with violin maestro Malcolm Goldstein


Reportage: Liu Fang at the Inne Brzmienia Festival in Lublin, Poland (Video & photostory).

Guy Gavriel Kay's prize-winning noval - "Under Heaven": The music of the pipa is powerfully associated with Tang Dynasty China, and Under Heaven makes use of this in many different ways. During his research for the book, Guy Kay came across the pipa music of the brilliant Liu Fang, and they corresponded on issues of technique and transitions in the use of the instrument through time... (Read more and hear music online)

Reportage: Liu Fang at the Inne Brzmienia Festival in Poland.

Liu Fang interview at (2010-06-28).

St. Croix Music Magazine Presents: Liu Fang (May, 2010): Liu Fang is without a doubt one of the world’s greatest musicians. There is an emotional and creative connection between her and the instruments that she is in total command of. Everything that Liu Fang plays is at the highest level of musical passion, inventiveness, and technique. And her music also represents the “truest of the true” in authenticity and dedication to an art form that she loves... (more, with videos....)


Recent TV Reportage

December 14, 2008: Interview and live performance at the famous Dutch vrijegeluiden TV (music channel).

See this TV program on the web

The following clicp is an extract (4 min.) from a documentary by CBC TV (BravoCanada) broadcasted on January 12, 2008, 8:30pm.

See the whole documentary (40 min.)

Liu Fang's solo concert at TFF Rudolstadt festival on July 9, 2006, recorded live and broadcasted on ARD TV in Germany.

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Thanks to the above three TV stations and the TFF Rudolstadt for the permission to use these videos for demo purposes

"Wild geese descending on the sandy beach" (classical tradition). Seeing the wild geese flying freely and elegantly in the sky and then descending on the sandy beach, relaxed and playful, one cannot but feel the beauty and harmony of nature. This piece entails the Taoist philosophy.

Recent Radio & concert live broadcasting

December 16, 2008: Concert with Liu Fang and friends - the 1st concert in the series with CONTRASTS IN CHINA.
Liu Fang on Pipa (Chinese lute) and guzheng (Chinese zither), Yoshio Kurahashi on shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute), Pops Mohamed on African kora, kalimba, mouthbow and Ziya Tabassian on percussion Intrum grafting (Tombak, framed drum).

live recording, and broadcasted on March 27, 2009, by the Dutch music radio - Concertzender Live.

Recording Technique: Sabrina ter Horst
Production: Rolf Buijs

19 December 2008
20:00 - 21:30 Liu Fang on Dutch Radio - Metamorfosen

Producer:: Sally Farrar

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On March 22, 2007, concert in the KIT Tropentheater with Liu Fang (Pipa, guzheng) and Yoshio Kurahashi (Shakuhachi).
Concert live recording and broadcasted by the Dutch music radio - Concertzender Live.
Recording Technique: Arjan van Asselt
Production: Rolf Buijs

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Liu Fang has 10 albums of solo and collaborational CDs.

[Audio & video demo - concert live recordings ](1)

[Audio & video demo - concert live recordings](2)